About diytravelpics

This website is a collection of annotated photographs of locations around the world that we have visited over the past decade and a half. It is an ongoing project: the collection will increase and/or change as we continue our travels and discover more fascinating places.


Wandering around and exploring are our preferences, and these require careful DIY planning and prioritizing. That said, the unexpected adds to the thrill of discovery and builds up the fun in exploring. You’re following a walking trail to the sea, perhaps expecting to see just another beach, and then at the last minute it always seems, a glorious vista unfolds that would have been missed had one not dared explore the path to the end.


We love to immerse ourselves in the places we visit. We seek the outstanding and unique yet we relish the “everyday” that defines each city. Indeed, our visits tend to have themes which always include acclimatizing to local cuisine prepared from fresh local produce. The local fresh produce market is always worth a visit, for there, away from the usual tourist haunts, the visitor is enveloped within the pulse of the community, a truly enriching experience.

About us:

Grace Ramos Gavino worked as a Research Scientist (retired) at the Université de Montréal (retired). She holds a PhD in Chemistry (1981) from Ohio State University. She has several research publications, some of which were co-authored by her husband, Victor C. Gavino.

Victor C. Gavino is an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament, Presbyterian Church in Canada (retired) and Professor of Nutrition, Université de Montréal (retired). He has a PhD in Physiological Chemistry (1981) from Ohio State University. He is currently pursuing a second PhD in New Testament and Leadership at McGill University, School of Religious Studies and the Desautels Faculty of Management.

Grace’s and Victor’s combined academic careers have brought them from the Philippines to Minnesota, Ohio, California and Montreal (Quebec).

Victor and Grace have always taken every opportunity to explore as many places as possible throughout the world. A few times they have joined tours but most of the time they travel “do-it-yourself” style.


Victor C. Gavino & Grace R Gavino